Who can resist this?!

24 August 2015 |


I mean, come on just look at them!! Unfortunately though some of us suffer from pet allergies and this picture doesn’t bring warm happy feelings but instead horror memories of sneezing and runny noses.

HOWEVER don’t get rid of your childhood dream of owning an ‘Andrex’ puppy too soon! (No I’m not suggesting you should buy the puppies on a roll toilet paper as an alternative).

If you do have mild pet allergies then there could be a quick solution to relieving the symptoms. 100% Beeswax is a well-known natural remedy which is widely used to treat a lot of allergies. So if you are a sufferer and want your own puppy or kitten, or you dread visiting loved ones houses because of ‘Buster’ the dog, then burning a beeswax candle for a couple of hours a night could be your solution!

I won’t go into the science but they work as a natural air cleaner, and not only relieve symptoms but are MUCH better for your health than normal paraffin wax.

Try them out today! I would suggest a candle tin as they are perfect for carrying around and smell divine!

Love CN


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