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Black Friday Mahoosive Candle Deal



As a pre Christmas ‘Cheers’ to our fans we have put together a rather special offer.
The list of items if bought individually from our website would total over £500 but is available to the first 24 lucky candle lovers for only £199 plus carriage of £12.
Don’t delay, there won’t be another offer like this from us in 2018 so move quickly and avoid the glums!

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Black Friday Mahoosive Candle Package includes:

100 Plant wax tealights.
A large floating soy wax filled coconut shell candle with stand
A small brother to the big coconut candle 😊
3 travelling soy wax tins in delicious scents
A 200ml massive essential oil diffuser with Herbal Spa scents
2 Merry Christmas Beeswax tea-lights
An essential oil soy wax glass candle in gift tube package
4” yellow pillar candle with decorative hammered finish
2 massive Candles Naturally jute shopper bags complete with hard base & side pockets
A soy wax refill pack for topping up your candles making them last even longer
4” red spicy hurricane design lantern pillar candle with hammered finish
4 rustic mini bamboo candles filled with soy wax
2 of the (TGC) ‘The Worlds Greatest candles’ range made of recycled plant oils and fragranced
A tin of TGC powder for prolonging the great perfume
2 x 200g TGC travelling tin candles
3 x 75g TGC glass candles
2 shiny candle lanterns decorated with running horses, ideal for safely using candles at home this Christmas, one either side of the front door? Makes the candles last longer too being kept out of drafts
2 stylish smaller black criss-cross metal lanterns that can be hung up outside too
6 funky colourful tea-light candle lanterns, ideal for the posh decorated Christmas table
2 frosted wavy cut recycled glass soy wax filled fragranced candles
2 small recycled glass candles in brown square glass
2 diagonally cut and polished glass candles filled with pure soy wax and fragrance
A big red fragranced hurricane style candle made with natural waxes of course!
6 fabulous drawstring jute gift bags, ideal for easy and stylish presents
6 Christmas tree decorations, variety includes stars, hearts and angels 😊