Reuse your bamboo and coconut candles!

5 August 2015 |

If you are one of our customers already and have bought one of our famous bamboo or coconut candles then you will know just how beautiful they are.

The soy wax candle is high quality, natural and allows for the candle to burn slower. (Soy wax & beeswax in general lasts longer than non-natural wax such as paraffin) And although they last a long time… they sadly don’t last forever, and then what do you do with the empty coconut or bamboo?

So we thought we would write a little note to show just how easy it is to reuse your beautiful natural candle holders. (This works for glass too!) Reuse your coconuts and bamboo

  • The first way to reuse the holders is an obvious one – to use tealight candles as a replacement. We have some great tealights you can choose from made from either 100% Beeswax (the frangipani fragrance is beautiful, I would have it as a perfume if I could!) or plant wax.
  • You can also refill your candle with more soy wax! This is a little more creative than just using tealights, and our soy wax refill kits will allow your candle to be refilled at home more than just once. So you can keep on enjoying your bamboo and coconuts for a long time.
  • You could use the candle holders for other objects other than candles, for instance the bamboo boat would be perfect for serving garlic bread in, and the coconut would be a perfect knickknack bowl.

Bamboo Candle Boat             Outside Coconut





So.. Keep enjoying your candles for longer!

CN x

p.s. If you do love our bamboo boats but didn’t love the plastic covering which left behind a sticky residue, you will be glad to know we have all new bamboo boats which are better quality in terms of wax, bamboo and fragrance with no plastic covering. We also have 3 new fragrances available – all three are divine!

  • Frangipani
  • Sahara Orange
  • Grapefruit
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