Relieve the symptoms of hay fever

14 April 2016 |

We talk about the benefits of using beeswax candles quite a lot. They are one of the most natural candle sources and make arguably the best candles in the world. Not only do they burn luxuriously slow and even, they give off the most beautiful honeyed scent and golden flame.

A lot of people suffer from hay fever and if you have had it before you will know how awful it can be. For some individuals it can ruin summer and spring. If you have been looking for remedies to relieve the symptoms of hay fever.

Don’t believe us? We have a few customers who use the candles on a summers night when the pollen count is highest to rid/reduce their symptoms. Without going into the science of it – beeswax is an air purifier which will clean the air of pollen either by sucking them into the flame or dropping them to the floor so it doesn’t irritate your eyes and nose.

Some of our customers swear by beeswax candles for hay fever – you can use either pure or fragranced but make sure its 100% beeswax like our candles! It’s worth a shot to see if it works for you!

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Beeswax candles

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