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Just say NO to plastic bags!

17 January 2018 |

By using CN 100% natural & biodegradable jute shopper bag, you help the planet through reducing the use of disposable plastic bags. This multipurpose reusable bag holds its’ shape and keep things nestled safe – no splits or rips!. It is great, sturdy and has wonderful handles. AVAILABLE ONLINE!

Coconut shell candles – 100% natural & reusable

26 October 2017 |

DID YOU KNOW? Our gorgeous Coconut shell candle is poured into a baby coconut shell with its inverted top as a stand. Made using 100% pure soy wax with no cottonseed oils or synthetic fillers.  Absolutely gorgeous when burning and  work fantastically as floating candle or can be used as a tealight holder once finished.    

Scent of the Month

21 April 2016 |

Seeing as we are on the cusp of summer, the scent of the month has to be Frangipani. Personally, I thought it was a cake of some kind, which it is (technically it’s an almond filling for sweet pies and tarts) but it’s also a tropical flower and smells delicious! With it’s heady sweet aromas,... Read more...


8 October 2015 | ,

Our Beeswax tealights are back just in the nick of time for Halloween! Beeswax burns a lot longer than conventional tealights and have a lovely warm glow so are perfect to put into carved pumpkins for a long period of time. If you don’t like the smell of pumpkins or want your room to smell autumnal... Read more...

Macmillan Coffee Morning

17 September 2015 | , ,

The next Macmillan coffee morning is coming up on the 25th September and we thought we would do our part to help. To make your coffee morning extra special why not order one (or maybe a couple) of our natural candles. For every candle bought 50p will be donated to the Macmillan Charity. Non natural candles... Read more...

Who can resist this?!

24 August 2015 |

I mean, come on just look at them!! Unfortunately though some of us suffer from pet allergies and this picture doesn’t bring warm happy feelings but instead horror memories of sneezing and runny noses. HOWEVER don’t get rid of your childhood dream of owning an ‘Andrex’ puppy too soon! (No I’m not suggesting you should... Read more...

Reuse your bamboo and coconut candles!

5 August 2015 |

If you are one of our customers already and have bought one of our famous bamboo or coconut candles then you will know just how beautiful they are. The soy wax candle is high quality, natural and allows for the candle to burn slower. (Soy wax & beeswax in general lasts longer than non-natural wax... Read more...

DIY candle competition

22 July 2015 |

If you follow us on Twitter you might have noticed the weekly competitions we have been running throughout July to win some fantastic prizes such as beeswax candles, and more. This is the last competition of July we will be running and one which we believe is very apt for the summer holidays. So don’t miss out!... Read more...

Save the Bees!

9 July 2015 |

On my morning commute to work I couldn’t help but notice this poster by Friends of the Earth (below). It really made me think about our bees and just how important they are to all of us and how we need to save the bees. It’s a cause we should all be involved with as... Read more...

Teacher Gift Ideas

29 June 2015 |

Planning for the upcoming summer holidays is hard enough without having to think of what gift to get your children’s teacher. So here at Candles Naturally we thought we would lend a helping hand and make your job a lot easier and what better gift is there than an all-natural candle? So instead of stressing... Read more...