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Just say NO to plastic bags!

17 January 2018 |

By using CN 100% natural & biodegradable jute shopper bag, you help the planet through reducing the use of disposable plastic bags. This multipurpose reusable bag holds its’ shape and keep things nestled safe – no splits or rips!. It is great, sturdy and has wonderful handles. AVAILABLE ONLINE!

Coconut shell candles – 100% natural & reusable

26 October 2017 |

DID YOU KNOW? Our gorgeous Coconut shell candle is poured into a baby coconut shell with its inverted top as a stand. Made using 100% pure soy wax with no cottonseed oils or synthetic fillers.  Absolutely gorgeous when burning and  work fantastically as floating candle or can be used as a tealight holder once finished.    

From cooking oil to eco-friendly scented candles

6 September 2017 |

Make a difference – join millions of people around the world by protecting the environment through recycling and reprocessing material for a longer life. Your used cooking oil can be successfully transformed into paraffin free, non-toxic, carbon neutral candles with  The Greatest Candle in the World DIY KIT   Don’t miss our exclusive offer!  Buy any TGC DIY KIT* + Get A... Read more...

Baking inspiration

8 September 2016 |

Great British Bake Off is back on our TV! This week was bread week and inspired by some of our favorite beeswax candles we decided to share one of our favorite bread recipes. Jamie Oliver’s Banana and Honey bread (delish). You will need: 1 x basic bread recipe found here on the Jamie Oliver website 6... Read more...

Personalised Tins

15 June 2016 |

Introducing… Personalized candle tins! Wedding and all those sorts of lovely events season is here!! (Even though the weather says otherwise) We were thinking of what a great gift and momento our little candles would make. Adding to that personal touch, we’ve come up with some decorative messages for all occasions be it birthdays, new arrivals... Read more...

Scent of the Month

21 April 2016 |

Seeing as we are on the cusp of summer, the scent of the month has to be Frangipani. Personally, I thought it was a cake of some kind, which it is (technically it’s an almond filling for sweet pies and tarts) but it’s also a tropical flower and smells delicious! With it’s heady sweet aromas,... Read more...

Relieve the symptoms of hay fever

14 April 2016 |

We talk about the benefits of using beeswax candles quite a lot. They are one of the most natural candle sources and make arguably the best candles in the world. Not only do they burn luxuriously slow and even, they give off the most beautiful honeyed scent and golden flame. A lot of people suffer... Read more...


24 March 2016 |

Candles Naturally HQ will be closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. We will be open as usual on Tuesday 29th March. We wish all our customers a Happy Easter!