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Who can resist this?!

24 August 2015 |

I mean, come on just look at them!! Unfortunately though some of us suffer from pet allergies and this picture doesn’t bring warm happy feelings but instead horror memories of sneezing and runny noses. HOWEVER don’t get rid of your childhood dream of owning an ‘Andrex’ puppy too soon! (No I’m not suggesting you should... Read more...

Reuse your bamboo and coconut candles!

5 August 2015 |

If you are one of our customers already and have bought one of our famous bamboo or coconut candles then you will know just how beautiful they are. The soy wax candle is high quality, natural and allows for the candle to burn slower. (Soy wax & beeswax in general lasts longer than non-natural wax... Read more...