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Christmas Lantern Gift Bundle

£121.00 £54.99

Snuggle up and enjoy a glittering Christmas with this seasonal gift bundle. Great gifts, lovingly handmade, at less than half price


Product Description

The Christmas Lantern Bundle includes:

  • One of our gorgeous Chrome Horse Lanterns with a spectacular Beeswax Ice Candle in your choice of fragrance, Grapefruit, Mango or Passion Fruit.
  • A classically traditional Night Watch Lantern with a Chunky Glass “The Greatest Candle”. Choose from a variety of fragrances, including Clove and Cinnamon (perfect for Christmas!), Darjeeling Flower, Sandal Wood and Spice Wood.
  • Six funky Tealight Lanterns in Black, Green, Pink, Red, White and Chrome with  100 plant wax candles in their own keepsake jute bag.

Additional Information

Chrome Horse Lantern
Beeswax Ice Candle

Grapefruit, Mango, Passion Fruit,

Night Watch Lantern
TGC Candle

Clove and Cinnamon, Darjeeling Flower, Sandal Wood, Spice Wood,

Tealight Lantern

Red, Green, Pink, Black, Chrome, White,

100 Plant Wax Tealights