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TGC – DIY Candle Kit Gift Set




Make a difference – join millions of people around the world by protecting the environment through recycling and reprocessing material for a longer life.

Your used cooking oil can be successfully transformed into beautiful, scented and ecological candles with  TGC DIY KIT 



The TGC unique DIY candle kit will create several candles at home with Recycled (or virgin) Cooking Oil. The special wax of the candles made at home is obtained with Oil2wax patent pending technology that transforms used cooking oils into clean and odour free vegetable wax. This special powder introduces non-toxic special fragrances to create the TGC wax, vegetable candles are long lasting and carbon neutral. Six wicks made of cotton are included to create a wonderful flame that releases no dangerous smoke for your health or the environment.

This set gives you the chance to make 6 x 30hour candles using the patent pending Oil2Wax powder and recycled cooking oil. In a wonderful gift box with a Pyrex Kitchen Lab 250ml Measuring Glass and your favorite Powder to make The Greatest Candle. Conceived for accurate measuring and microwave usage, the Pyrex Kitchen Lab 250ml Measuring Glass is the perfect accessory for a safe mixing. This Set includes one can with 120g of Powder to make up to 6 candles.

Making your own candles can be fun. It doesn’t take long and nor does it cost the earth, in so many ways. Take a look at our TGC range which is an innovative way to avoid polluting the planet with your used cooking oils. This is great value for money and a great gift for anyone that wants to start recycling their cooking oil and make beautiful candles.

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