23 June 2015 |

Summer is the time for ice cream, BBQ’s and long walks in the British countryside. It is arguably the time where nature is at its most beautiful, with blossoming flowers and the tantalising scent of freshly cut grass. This season can also bring unwanted itchy red eyes, runny noses and excessive sneezing – especially with the recent high pollen count (boo).

Here at Candles Naturally we feel your pain, and want to bring back beautiful summers you can enjoy! We offer a relaxing and natural alternative treatment to those nasty drowsy medicines, in the form of our 100% Beeswax Candles.

Beeswax Range

100% Beeswax Candles are a natural air purifier and can get rid of particles that cause Hay Fever, pet allergies or Asthma. How does it work? I hear you cry – The scientific explanation is that dust and pollen particles which are known to cause Hay Fever suffers irritation are carried on positive ions, when a beeswax candle is burnt it emits negative ions which cleans the air of pollen by neutralising positive ions.

Remember only 100% natural Beeswax candles such as our own offer these benefits.

So, why not try our lovely 100% Beeswax ice pillar candles?

They allow light to glow through the hollows creating a lantern effect, with a beautiful sweet smell and a surprisingly long burn time.

So, sit back – relax- and enjoy summer!

Kind Regards

Candles Naturally

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