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Fill your home with beautiful scents and clear air!

Welcome to Candles Naturally

The home of fabulously indulgent  100% natural soy candles and bees wax candles that offer benefits to your health and help to protect the environment too. With longer, cleaner burning times than the more common paraffin wax alternatives, they also offer better value for money. And if that’s not enough, just look at this list of the positive benefits these candles bring to our environment:

  • Carbon neutral
  • Sustainably resourced
  • Clean burning
  • Encourage recycling
  • Support environmental charities and campaigns

Latest Products

  • Christmas tapers Beeswax Mini Candle Sticks Pack of 20 mini beeswax candle sticks, ideal for Birthday candles or for smaller candle holders.... £6.00 More Info
  • Red and white rustic toadstool Handcrafted Rustic Toadstool This lovely handcrafted metal toadstool is carefully painted and decorated with a rustic look and feel. This would... £5.00 More Info
  • Pink glitter heart Handcrafted Pink Glitter Wooden Decoration This lovely handcrafted wooden heart is carefully painted and decorated. This would look lovely on the tree at... £6.00 More Info
  • IMG_1220 Handcrafted large grey heart This lovely handcrafted metal heart is created from recycled metal and then carefully hand painted and decorated. This... £6.00 More Info

Why natural?

Q: Why buy 100% natural candles?
A: Because they offer a multitude of benefits to your health and help to protect the environment.

We all enjoy burning a candle from time to time because they create a relaxing, indulgent atmosphere, add fragrances to our environment and generally make us smile. However, your average candle is made of petroleum, scented with chemicals, and gives off soot as it burns which isn’t great for the respiratory system.

why natural?

Featured Products

  • Beautiful Coconut Candle Large Coconut Shell Candle Our coconut shell candle is cute, fun and work well anywhere in the home or garden.... £15.99 More Info
  • Large Round Pillar Large Round Beeswax Pillar – 7.8 x 27cm A large round beeswax pillar made of 100% pure beeswax full of health properties and has a... £27.99 More Info
  • 13cm Bamboo 13cm Tall Bamboo These 13cm sections of bamboo have a naturally hollow cavity which is filled with top quality... £10.00 More Info
  • Beeswax Tealights Fragranced Beeswax Tealight – Bag of 10 This 10 Beeswax Tealight Pack contains perfect rounds of wax so pure and vibrantly fragranced, each burns... £10.99 More Info

What our customers say...

  • Received my order today-Thank you for the free candle!! They all smell great.. All the very best! Jacqueline
  • Thank you so much for my candles and the mini ones which I did not expect. I lit one yesterday. You provide an excellent service and prompt delivery - now I will know where to source my candles in future and will definitely pass the details on to people who are interested. Sarita
  • Thank you for the order - received today - the Himalayan Spice fragrance is lovely.  Thank you for the gift - my husband despairs of my candle obsession so I have included it as a small extra in his birthday present for Sunday :) Lisa
  • Hi Jo I received my order today and I'm very pleased with my products - thank you! Anita – Asian Inspiration
  • Bought a Beeswax candle as I suffer badly from Hay Fever and heard it is meant to help, within minutes of lighting it my eyes stopped itching. Thank you! James
  • Beautiful candle. Lovely smell and the glass made from recyled material. All this and it's a Soy candle too. Mmmmm - bought Soy Wax Himalayan Spices Curve Glass Language tree school of English
  • The best candle I've ever bought. A real tomato leaf fragrance and it burns beautifully. Soy Wax Tomato Leaf RecovDiag Candle
  • Had not tried beeswax candles before so decided to give it go with he tea-lights. I have to admit they burn a lot nicer that ordinary tea-lights and do last a lot longer too. Will be purchasing again in the future. Delivery and packaging - good. Beeswax Tealights
  • These Beeswax tealight candles give a lovely glow. They are also a nice soft shade of yellow. They are much warmer and brighter than ordinary tea lights. Mr Shirley
  • I am so pleased with my candles.  The service & delivery have been excellent and I will certainly be recommending Candles Naturally to friends and family - ordered a flat bamboo, mini bamboo and beeswax tealights. Josie Spofford
  • I've just received my first order, and was delighted to find one of your lovely recycled metal hearts included. Many thanks indeed, for the beautiful beeswax candles and the excellent service! Beeswax buyer!